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Happy Customer Feedback

  • "I have been using the Wedge for over a year as I sit in front of a computer screen for 10 hours or more each day. The Wedge has helped eliminate back pain and acts as a reminder of the importance of a healthy spinal alignment. I like that I can take it with me too. Hard to beat such a portable and important device…”
    W. H. Sammons
  • “This was my second one. The first one I gave to my son in law, after he tried it. He has a bad back,and sits at a desk all the time! It's working! Bought a second one, and ended up giving that one away to a friend I was visiting, who had hip replacement that left one leg shorter than the other. She was AMAZED how it helped her ! Thank you! Will be ordering another one!”
    Ginger Purkey
  • "Love it and have been sharing it with people I work with. It really helps my back! I totally recommend this item for anyone who sits at a desk.”
    S. B. Furlan
  • "“Works like a champ.”
    J. Phillip Causey
  • "I have used the wedge for a few patients in the past couple of weeks and have gotten great feedback from these three women regarding back pain. I also use the wedge at home with my family. For the first time, we are able to get our young kids to sit at the table without slouching. Great, simple product!”
    Dr. Travis Elliott
  • "I use the Comfy Band when I need to sit, meditate, focus on ridding myself of shoulder pain. I am a 22 years + massage therapist and this band helps me enormously. I have virtually been able to put it on while relaxing, and get up with my neck and shoulders being back to neutral; relaxed and tension-free. I had my doubts, but it truly WORKS.”
    Patra Conley
  • "I love the Comfy Shoulder Band because I can put it on before I sit to read, watch TV, or work at the computer and my shoulders are effortlessly kept in proper alignment. I had been taking some sort of pain relief medication almost daily for over a month for an aching neck and shoulder muscle before I started using the Comfy Band. There are also three very simple exercises to save the shoulders in Kathleen Porter's book that I have found to be invaluable." Abeille
  • “(The Travel Wedge) looks like it wouldn’t work, except it works very well. it is a pain to carry just one more item in my carry-on, but I will likely never fly a long distance in coach without one again. it made that much of a difference for me.”
  • "Simple, but effective. I'm quite frequently sitting on Church pews during to watch my wife's two hour long orchestra performances. I used this during the last show - and long gone was the pain and stiffness one usually gets when they first stand-up after sitting for so long.”
    James Applegath

Our products match up with a whole new perspective
on “good posture.”
This is what all healthy toddlers discover
when learning how to sit up, stand and walk —
and it really works.

There’s real science behind the way our products work.
Think physics and natural laws—rules that govern things like engineering, architecture and everything else in our world. This includes our bodies and how they are designed to work.

Everybody has a pelvis and a sacrum that, together, set the stage for the spine to stack up tall and upright. Your skeleton is a lot like the studs and posts behind the walls of your house and serves as the framework of support within your own skin.

Have you ever noticed how relaxed and comfortable babies appear to be when they’re sitting upright? This is because they figure out, all by themselves, how to align the pelvis in order to sit up, stand and walk. No struggle. No tension. No muscles straining to compensate for misaligned bones. What a relief!

Yes! It’s true! The Wedge helps you sit
as comfortably as a baby.

No more sitting like a Sad Dog

Sad dogs tuck their tails between their legs,
losing the aligned foundation for the spine.

Be a Happy Dog, instead

Happy dogs wag their tails behind them, setting up
the foundation for a solid, elongated spine.

Wedges are ideal for classroom use and provide teachers and parents with effective solutions for addressing the slouching epidemic among children today.

Simply telling children to “sit up straight” rarely works because, sadly, most children
have forgotten how to distribute their weight on a naturally aligned pelvis.

We’ve got your back,
in more ways than one.

Our Wedges are designed with one purpose in mind— to help you sit more comfortably in (almost) any situation.

Whether you’re working at your desk or sitting in a cafe, watching a movie, attending a sporting event, driving your car, flying in a plane, riding a bus or train, The Wedge, Travel Wedge or Back Wedge are there to support you. (Wedges also make the perfect gift for a slouching friend).
Each Wedge is essentially the same product—with a twist. What distinguishes one from another is the color (black or tan), the filling (recycled rubber "sand" or natural buckwheat hulls), and a specific set of instructions that characterizes the uses for a particular Wedge.

Purchasing one Wedge entitles you to instructions for ALL our Wedges,

which means that


This doesn’t mean you still won’t want extra Wedges on hand— one at the office, another at home, in your car, in your backpack . . . or briefcase.

And there’s more!

Are your shoulders tight and stiff —perhaps they burn or ache— when you’re working at your computer?

The Comfy Shoulder Band
guides the bones of the shoulder girdle
  • the clavicle (collar bone),
  • scapula (shoulder blade),
  • humerus (upper arm bone)
to their naturally prescribed “home base” position.

Muscles attached to these bones can now relax;
no more struggle or strain to compensate for misaligned shoulders.

Always be sure you are sitting on an aligned
“Happy Dog” pelvis
BEFORE using the Comfy Band.

In the same way you don’t build a house by putting the roof on, you first have to set a solid foundation at the “bottom.” (Pun absolutely intended!)
Once the foundation is set, you’re ready to address
upper floor details.
Our products are the brainchild of Kathleen Porter,
author of

Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living:The Practice of Mindful Alignment


Sad Dog, Happy Dog: How Poor Posture Affects Your Child’s Health and What You Can Do About It.

Want to learn more? Visit Kathleen's blog here.

“Kathleen Porter's insights about skeletal alignment are destined to change the way we think about and inhabit our bodies.”

“Kathleen Porter's eloquent photojournalism adds powerful, persuasive impact to her message about the relationship between dynamic structural alignment and health of body and mind. The chapters about children, pregnancy, and fitness should be required reading for all parents and physicians.”

MARY BOND, author of The New Rules of Posture and
movement faculty chair at the Rolf Institute