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What is the difference between The Wedge, Travel Wedge and Back Wedge?

The cushions themselves are exactly the same; the only difference lies in what each one is called, what it is filled with, what color it is, and which instructions are printed on the packaging. We found that some people need assistance sitting more comfortably on an airplane, while others are looking for back support while working at a computer all day, sitting in a classroom, watching a movie or attending a sports event. Some prefer the solid "bounce" of our recycled rubber "sand" filling, while others prefer the lighter weight of natural buckwheat hulls.
Can I use this cushion interchangeably, in all of the above situations?
It couldn’t be easier! With the purchase of one Wedge—any Wedge—you will receive a link to a page on our website that includes complete instructions for all three Wedges. In other words, getting one Wedge is really like getting all three!
How does the wedge work?
The pelvis is the foundation for all that rises above it. If you change its natural position by tucking your tailbone, the structure above it collapses. Try this for yourself: Sit on a flat surface with your feet on the floor and roll onto the back part of your “sit bones” like a “sad dog” tucking its tail between its legs. Notice how your back rounds and your chest and spine collapse. Now, pull your chest way up (don’t do this if anything hurts!) and notice how you’re now using lots of tension to sit “up straight.” Somewhere between these two opposites is the perfectly aligned and relaxed middle that is comfortable and pain-free. The Wedge helps you “park” your pelvis in the natural position for optimal aligned support, so that your spine neither collapses nor is held together with tension in a distorted kind of way.
My lower back feels tight when I sit on The Wedge. Does this mean The Wedge won’t work for me?
It is rare for the Wedge not to work for someone. The most common problem people encounter is is feeling that the Wedge is uncomfortable because it is "too hard." We've learned from experience that this is usually a case of someone sitting too high on the Wedge, with their weight on the back of the sit bones. For the Wedge to be fully effective, the pelvis must be tilted forward (anteriorally) with the Wedge coming in from behind, like a door stop.
The other problem people encounter is not relaxing enough once the pelvis is properly positioned on the Wedge. Once the tilt of the pelvis is set up on the Wedge, it is finally safe to relax! If you've been holding your chest up with tension, it can be hard to trust that relaxing your chest down and surrendering into the support of the pelvis is possilbe, but once the bones are aligned to do the job they are meant to do, we can let them take over. You may have to practice this several times before you get the hang of it, but once you do, it's a huge relief.
Of course, if the Wedge really doesn’t work for you, you may return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price.
How can such a small cushion really help me to sit more comfortably?
Our Wedges have just enough “oomph” in their shape to serve like an angled doorstop that elevates the sit bones just enough to keep your spine supported without effort. This is really all that’s needed for most people—whether sitting in a classroom, working at a computer or driving a car.
An additional benefit of the compact size is portability. Wedges easily fit in a medium-size bag or daypack and can be taken along to school, work, a concert, movie, yoga class, sporting event, or used while traveling in a car, plane, bus or train.
Why doesn't The Wedge have a slot cut into the back like some other wedge-shaped cushions?
The slot or hole in the back of some wedge-shaped cushions is designed to relieve pressure on the tailbone or coccyx for someone who is sitting incorrectly on a “tucked tail." This places pressure and the weight of the body on the tail bone, where it never belongs in the first place. Our Wedges support a correct, aligned position of the pelvis so that a "donut" hole at the back of the cushion is never necessary.
How does the Comfy Shoulder Band work?
The Comfy Shoulder Band is designed for use in a stationary position, gently tethering the shoulder girdle into the natural position that allows chronically tight muscles to finally relax. This is especially helpful for people who experience neck and shoulder tension while working at a computer, or for people who find it difficult to relax the shoulders and back while sitting for long periods during meditation. For proper and effective use of the Comfy Shoulder Band, be sure to follow the instructions closely.
What are the benefits of using Comfy Shoulder Band?
In addition to relieving chronic tension patterns in the upper back, shoulders and neck, the Comfy Shoulder Band also serves as a teaching tool for reminding the body how the shoulder and rib cage are meant to relate to each other. While there are not a whole lot of activities that can be done while wearing the Comfy Shoulder Band, (for instance, we do not recommend that you drive while using it), wearing this adjustable, elastic shoulder band can help you understand how to best do all those other activities. So, go ahead, put on the Comfy Shoulder Band and walk around a bit. You’ll find that even the smallest movements will give you a different sense of the importance of your legs as your primary transportation system.
Comfy Shoulder Band can also help anyone re-learn how to bend. Bend? Yup! Most of us have trained our bodies to initiate bending by moving the upper body forward in space or tucking the tail and rounding the back. Whether you are sitting or standing, Comfy Shoulder Band shifts the movement into the hips, tipping the pelvis forward and reminding us how to bend like the healthy toddler we once were. Wearing the Comfy Band, even for a short time every day, will help build your awareness of how to move more efficiently in everything you do—a real back saver in the long run.
Why do I need instructions to use The Wedge and Comfy Shoulder Band?
The mission of Natural Posture Solutions, LLC, is to inform and educate people about simple natural postural rules that not only bring relief from tension and pain, but also promote overall better health. We believe that the more you understand the principles behind the instructions, the more empowered you will be to make real, lasting changes towards healthy posture.
If you want to learn more about healthy, natural posture and movement, we suggest Kathleen Porter's richly-illustrated book, Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living: The Practice of Mindful Alignment (Inner Traditions/Healing Arts Press; 2nd edition, 2013). The book is chock-full of useful information about natural alignment and is available right here.